Medical Experts Group is a Leading Manufacturing Company in Medical field which provides medical instruments and equipment in Greece and all over the world with a specialization of years. Our product range include Medical Chairs, Stools, Workstations, Endoscopy Carts, Microscopes, Endoscopes and Instruments for every professional use which offer user satisfaction and functionality. One asset of the company is the technical support provided by specialized technicians, as well as efficient and fast After-Sales service. Among these years many private offices, hospitals and private clinics were established with our medical equipment with success.


Small Beginning … Great Future! In 1984, Jim Gazis and E.Pappas decided to start their own business along with Hara Gazi. Electronic Hearing Center,"H. Gazi- E.Pappas OE", has become one of the main suppliers of high quality hearing aids and audiological equipment in Greece, providing most hospitals and private offices of the country. In 2009 the company has decided to establish a new one, specialized only in medical equipment named "Medical Experts Group" by adding two new experienced members G.Vatougios -Sales Manager and M.Lathourakis - Technical Manager. In 2010 the company forced to move to larger premises, due to the creation of the Production Department responsible for the manufacture of medical equipment thanks to the contribution of the Product Manager Z.Vatougios.


Our business project is to invest to the development of new products, upgrade the existing products, integrate specialized human resources, incorporate social responsibility and respect the environment manufacturing and supplying ergonomic and sophisticated products in order to fulfill the expectations of our customers to the maximum.


The design and the production of medical equipment which converts the examination space and procedure into an easy case is of high importance for us. Optimizing the working time of the user with safety, comfort and reliability is our objective and vision.


The attempt for continuous improvement, the development of innovations, the upgrade of the existing services and the positioning of only reliable products in the market are undoubtedly the principle values of the company.


The production staff dedicated to the details is highly specialized and skilled offering products of high standards giving attention to the quality of the raw materials. Our target is to work with responsibility &absolute control in all the stages of production from the procurement of the materials, the design up to the completion of final product according to the regulations. The level of quality guaranteed by CE and ISO Certificates.


Our philosophy is to create products with an elegant, modern and comfortable design. We always try to personalize the needs and the tastes of every costumer with respect and accuracy. The desired colours are enriched and the manufactured products are upgraded continuously with the modern technology.

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