Full range of Endoscopes

We provide a full range of specialized rigid endoscopes with different working lengths, degree views and probe diameters.

Suitable for every professional procedure of medical examination and endoscopy for a more accurate and rapid diagnosis and assessment of the state of the patient.

Assembled from precise optical and mechanical parts and manufactured by stainless steel and other selected materials of high quality under the strictest specifications using the latest advanced technology.

They were specially designed to be the brightest on the market thanks to the excellent sealed lens which delivers the best image quality with resolution.

All the endoscopes offer durability in scratches and leaks due to their connections which are welded with laser.

Available with sheaths of cleaning and disinfection, as and adaptors for every type of cables.

An extra highlight is the competitive prices we offer so that you take advantage of the absolute equilibrium between high quality and reasonable cost.

Application in every medical field such as Otolaryngology, Gynaecology, Laparoscopy, Cystoscopy and General Surgery.

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