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Εξεταστική καρέκλα ZEUS 0104.01

Η εξεταστική καρέκλα ZEUS 0104.01, είναι σχεδιασμένη έτσι ώστε να προσφέρει την μέγιστη δυνατή εργονομία για τον χρήστη, καθώς και την μέγιστη άνεση για τον εξεταζόμενο. Μεταλλική κατασκευή υψηλής αντοχής, με δύο ηλεκτρικά μοτέρ κίνησης πλήρως προγραμματιζόμενα ώστε να λαμβάνουν την επιθυμητή θέση με το πάτημα ενός πλήκτρου, ειδική ταπετσαρία με μεγάλη αντοχή στις φθορές, μεγάλη ποικιλία χρωμάτων, ανοξείδωτη βάση. Όλα τα παραπάνω σε συνδιασμό με την χαμηλή τιμή, καθιστούν την εξεταστική καρέκλα ZEUS 0104.01 ιδανική για κάθε ΩΡΛ ιατρείο.

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ENT Examination Chair ZEUS 0104

The elegance is a synonym of the sophistication and the Chair ZEUS 0104 has both!

Thanks to its modern and compact design ensures a configuration of your examination space with aesthetic quality and optimizes the working time through an easy operation.

The user takes advantage of its ergonomics and the patient indulges in its maximum comfort and stability.

Its headrest offers comfortable support and the selections of the height/back adjustment guarantees absolute reliability.

Simplicity and flexibility in use are achieved by the implementation of the foot pedal of two functions of advanced technology.

Due to its versatility, it is suitable for every ENT, Gynaecological, Ophthalmological clinic or private office.

The durable, UV resistant, tear proof, easy to clean upholstery reinforces its elegant style.

It is available in a large diversity of colours to select the one that suits your taste and requirements.

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ENT Examination Chair ZEUS 0103

The Model ZEUS 0103 has nothing to envy from a common Examination Chair but has more to give to satisfy your needs with the optimum way.

The increasing demand of the market for products equivalent of low cost and top quality led us to manufacture the ZEUS 0103 with the most competitive price of the market. This does not mean that the appropriate attention was not given to the quality of construction materials but on the contrary the selection of them made by taking care of every detail.

The adjustment of pneumatic back and electric height is operated with a simple way and absolutely understandable for the examiner.

The construction is well-known for its solidity offering free rotation with maximum security and comfort for the patient.

With the operation of one only function foot pedal, the overall adjustment procedure becomes easier.

The fully adjustable headrest provides the maximum support to the patient and the movable handrests offer flexibility during the examination.

The durable, UV resistant, tear proof, easy to clean upholstery reinforces its classic style.

Availability in a wide variety of colours to select the one that suits your taste and requirements.

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In an examination space it is not only important the selection of the best examination chair for the patient's benefit! Equally essential is the flexibility and the comfortability of the examiner during the examination or treatment procedure. For this purpose, the stools are considered Ideal!

Our proposal includes a wide variety of manufactured stools of different colours to choose the one that suits your personal style and cover your needs to the maximum!

Necessary tool  for all the professionals of each specialty

Manufactured of excellent quality raw materials and high standards

Ergonomically designed to offer space saving, functionality and satisfaction to the examiner

Different kind of design (with backrest or not) full of elegance and modern style according to your needs

UV resistant, durable, tear proof and easy to clean upholstery made only of selected materials

Capacity of Height/Seat/Backrest adjustment with the use of one lever

Solid Steel base with 5 castors for great steadiness and security

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