Microscope LED MEM 102L

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Deep light penetration, great visibility, better diagnostic perception... are some of the assets of the Microscope MEM 102L.

Manufactured by advanced technology to offer optical quality through a clear image and provide efficiency to the doctor's operations and working preferences.

The integrated LED illumination emits a light beam that penetrates even the most inaccessible areas illuminating your field of view with uniformity.

The lens offer 200mm to 400mm working distance which make the microscope ideal for many types of surgical procedures and other microsurgery applications.

Thanks to its ergonomics facilitates the diagnostic examination saving more working space and creating more access to surgical areas.

Other characteristics include a micrometric movement of the objective lens, 3 magnifications, orange and green filter and a wall or table mount.

It has a base with 5 castors and 2 brakes for stabilization offering smooth movements.

10Watt LED Illumination System

3-magnification factor

Different working distance Objectives lens: f=200mm, f=250mm

Division value on hand wheel: 0,6x, 1,0x, 1,6x

Five wheels, two with brake

20,000 hours LED lifespan

50,000 LUX objective illumination

Power supply voltage: 90V/60HZ-250V/50HZ

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